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Having owned a “Westie”, I have experienced the joy and pleasure of owning this magnificent breed.

So I decided to write about mine and my family’s stories of our Angus and the adventures we all enjoyed.

Writing these lovely illustrated childrens books reminds me of all the fun times we had together. My first book, Hi My Name is Angus, What’s Your Name, puts together a story of fun – an adventure we spent as a family and one that includes the many friends that Angus met along the way.

Visiting the Little Playground, which was always a highlight of Angus’s weekend.

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Terrier Publishing was created with a passion for West Highland White Terriers.

My vision for Terrier Publishing is to create a series of books with brand new adventures.

The next book in the series is Hi My Name is Angus, What’s Your Name – Angus’s Beach Adventure.

This takes the Harrison’s on a trip to their local beach and as always Angus gets up to some fun adventures of his very own.

Then the final book in the series is called Hi My Name is Angus, What’s Your Name – Angus Visits Nanna and Poppa’s Farm.

This takes the Harrison’s to visit Mrs Harrison’s Mum and Dad, who live on a large farm near Victor Harbor. There Angus has an exciting time, playing and meeting his old farm animal friend and making new friends along the way.

With Angus there were always days filled with excitement and fun, He’s the inspiration that has helped me create and capture my wonderful memories and deliver these amazing illustrated childrens books to you and your family. You can share the adventures of Angus with children and generations to come.

I hope that these books give you and everyone you love, the opportunity to enjoy and read together. Its been a joy for me creating these beautiful stories that are part of my time spend with my wonderful Angus.


Coming titles from Terrier Publishing

    Hi My Name is Angus, What’s Your Name - Angus’s Beach Adventure
    Hi My Name is Angus, What’s Your Name - Angus Visits Nanna and Poppa’s Farm

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